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Do you have happy Calves? If your cattle are happy, you’ll most certainly have a happy farm. Now, you’re no stranger to this business so you’re aware that life is made so much easier if your animals are happy. We have the top tips for your calf care this season. Ensure before you introduce enhancements that your cattle and their calves have fantastic welfare, so the new additions you’re looking to bring in are only there to enhance their wonderful lives even further, whilst making your life a touch easier.


It’s so important that calves get regular human interaction to reduce the chances of them having fears of humans as they grow up. You need to avoid only handling your calves for stressful events such as vaccinations and incorporate positive behaviour in the form of showing your calf some TLC. Ensure the interaction you have with your calves are not just associated with negative noises, loud sounds, and rough handling.

Believe it or not, cows love to be stroked, petted, and scratched behind their ears and with the right person they’re very loving and friendly animals so it is important you maintain this kind nature through your own actions each day, you’ll certainly have an easier ride in the long run and a much happier farm.


You can really benefit from the use of a calf igloo for reducing infection in your young animals whilst incorporating the perfect ventilation and space for your calves. This is the perfect spot to allow your calves to relax on a hot summer day as the temperature is well maintained in the igloo allowing for the perfect shaded area to cool down. As this form of housing allows for a group of calves to mix inside at the same time this is a healthy way to promote bonding in the early days of their development.

Image Credit: Wynnstay | Igloo for Calves


You would be smart to take the time to develop and enrichment plan for your calves. You can change the environment around your calves to develop specific areas perfect for enrichment.


Cattle enjoy spending the time brushing up a play matt or grooming against pen fixtures and fittings so you can look into purchasing calf brushes for your calves to enjoy some self-grooming, after all, self-care is the new thing.

Brushes encourage grooming and cleanliness whilst giving you a clear indication of a happy and healthy cow and calf. Calves and cows that are heat stressed and unwell are less likely to use the calf brush so you can distinguish those who need some extra help.


Tying a ball to some string inside their pen gives the calves some time to really have fun and explore their own world. Watch them jump around with excitement when you give them additional toys and enrichment through balls, rope, and cardboard boxes.

Did you know? Fresh bedding also encourages play time, who knew that spending all that time making their bed can bring so much fun, your hard efforts are never wasted!

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