How To Make A Pet-Friendly Home

People love keeping pets, but maintaining your home while keeping pets can be a bit of a hassle. This is why you have to make some minute changes around the house to make it more pet friendly and easier for you to take care of things too. Here are some ways by which you can make your space suitable for your pet and keep things easy for yourself.


  1. Pet Litter Box

If you live in a small space where you don’t have access to a backyard or garden, then a litter box is something you need. You don’t want your pet to go around your clean space and leave feces everywhere. A litter box comes in a variety of sizes, suitable for both cats and dogs. You can fill it up with some kitty litter to keep it from smelling bad and this is where your pets can have their bathroom break.

  1. Pet-Safe Interior

This one should go without saying. Having flooring and furniture fabrics which are pet-safe is super important. Pets can destroy that beautiful couch you bought after saving so much money, or they can scratch up your expensive hardwood floors.

The best material for flooring is something which is scratch proof and durable, like marble or ceramic. For furniture fabric, you can go for something which doesn’t puncture easily, like a thick wool or similar fabric. 


  1. Use astroturf

Astroturf is a great way to fake the appearance of a small backyard for your pet. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, all pets love grass. But real grass can be a big hassle and pets tend to destroy the real and delicate grass. This is where astroturf comes in to save the day. You can get artificial grass installed very easily and it is super hardcore so you don’t have to worry about your pet balding out the grass. It is also very easy to clean and the best part of it all is that artificial grass doesn’t need water to thrive, so you can save yourself from the torture of watering the grass every day. 

  1. Don’t Leave Anything Open

Pets have a weird habit of crawling into anything which is open and that will fit their small bodies, be it a washing machine, a cardboard box, a small unclosed cabinet, etc. You have to make sure that you are keeping all of these things closed and heavily supervised. This is also a good time to train your pet, so that they shouldn’t go into such places or else they will be slightly punished. This habit implementation will do wonders for you. 

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