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Tips to Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

If you don’t give your rabbit a check-up, you will never know when your bunny is ill as they are so good at hiding illnesses. A regular check-up of at least every two or three months will go a long way in keeping you on top of your rabbit’s health.

It would be best if you also were vigilant to ensure that your rabbit is healthy and there is no hidden illness somewhere. Here are some tips to keep your bunny healthy and happy.

  1. Healthy diet

Diet is key to any pet’s care. Providing proper nutrition is essential for a healthy rabbit, regardless of the breed. What does a healthy rabbit diet look like? A Hay Box, pellets, fresh vegetables, and clean water supply will do it for you.

It is also important to note that the dietary needs change as they age. Ensure you are on top of your bunny’s development and ensure the emerging nutritional needs are being met. For instance, alfalfa hay is recommended for bunnies less than seven months old as it consists of all the necessary calories and is rich in protein.

Ensure the hay you give your rabbit is fresh, and make a point of changing the hay in the hutch daily. If mold develops on the hay and your rabbit consumes it, it will get sick.

  1. Give your rabbit exercise

As much as you are not required to walk your rabbit as much as you do with your dog, bunnies need to stay active. Exercise will help your bunny maintain a healthy weight. Staying in the hutch all day can also be frustrating to your bunny, so some time out will be instrumental in keeping him happy.

How much exercise does a bunny need? On average, bunnies require two to three hours of free-roaming every day. You could indulge them in some exercise when they are most active in the day, that is, during dusk and dawn.

Setting up a playpen in your yard is a great way to make your bunny exercise.

  1. Keep the bunny hutch clean

There are many things that could happen when you neglect the hygiene of your rabbit’s hutch. For one, the food in the cage will rot, and there will be a stink. Worse still, your rabbit may end up eating the rotten food and fall ill.

If there is a water bottle in the hutch, the water may end up getting contaminated and become toxic. The hutch should be cleaned daily, and thorough cleaning is done at least once a week. While this may be the most unpleasant part of having a rabbit, it will definitely save you multiple trips to the vet.

Take Away

When you own a pet, you must take up the responsibility of keeping it healthy. Providing your rabbit a nutritious diet, exercising, and providing it a clean environment will go a long way in safeguarding their health.

Regular visits to a vet will also ensure things are super.

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