The Safest Way To Rehome a Pet in the UK

Camlist is the first app of its kind in the UK, offering safety to buyers, breeders, and most importantly our furry friends

UK based startup Camlist has launched a first of its kind video marketplace for pets, with a mission to become the safest way to rehome pets.

About the mission of the startup, Camlist CEO Moustafa Mahmoud said: “Our mission is to make Camlist the safest way for anyone to rehome a pet in the UK, with a primary focus on animal welfare. Safety is the core of everything we do, safety of buyers, of breeders, and most importantly safety of the pets.”

The video listing experience, along with the profile based rating system for breeders, has allowed the best breeders to build a great reputation and to stand out on the platform. This helps build trust among buyers and reduces the challenges they face while rehoming a pet.

Many prospective pet parents in the past have faced heartbreak when they were looking to rehome a pet due to bad actors who show complete disregard for the health and safety of pets. There have also been cases where buyers have been scammed off their hard earned money under the guise of deposits or shipping costs. To counter this, Camlist offers a unique Buyer Protection Program. “We wanted to give prospective pet parents complete peace of mind while paying the breeders. So we introduced our Buyer Protection Program, where the buyer can make the payment on our app and it is only released to the breeder once they confirm that they have physically received the pet.”, said Moustafa.

But perhaps the most exciting offering from Camlist is their first-of-a-kind pet financing program. Through this program, Camlist pays breeders the full price and offers buyers the option to pay in instalments with 0% interest. “We introduced 0% interest pet financing to help every pet find a loving home, which was becoming increasingly challenging due to a rise in prices due to COVID. Money was often a barrier between good families being able to offer good homes for the pets, and we hope our financing option solves that problem”, Moustafa added.

To raise awareness to their mission, the startup is currently offering 1 year of free pet food to all pet parents who rehome their pet through Camlist. Moustafa said “We started offering 1 year of free pet food to promote our mission of safe rehoming. Any pet rehomed through Camlist will come with one full year of free pet food for a limited time. We hope this brings awareness to our mission across the community.”

Camlist believes that their app has the potential to change the way people rehome pets in the UK and make it much safer for all participants with a special focus on animal welfare. They hope that more people opt in to use the app when they’re considering rehoming a pet to support this mission and enjoy a safer and more convenient journey.

About Camlist:- Camlist is the world’s first video marketplace for pets. Having launched in the UK in early 2021, Camlist now boasts thousands of breeders on their app and has introduced the country’s first 0% interest pet financing product as well as a host of features that provide buyers and breeders with a safer and more convenient way to rehome their pets. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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